Claudia May, PhD
Spiritual Director

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Spiritual Director, Discipleship formation

Spiritual Direction Sessions

Individual or group spiritual direction sessions tailored to meet the personal needs of each participant.

Relational Conflict Resolution for Congregations

Guidance for congregations in resolving relational conflicts.

Vision Board Workshops

Facilitating the creation of vision boards. Through scripture and visual images, these boards reflect God's vision for individuals and the heart desires of participants.

Prayer and Healing Strategies

Introducing clients to prayer strategies that foster deeper intimacy with God. Leading workshops on reflective writing as a form of prayer. Sessions also enable clients to process and heal from hurts related to experiencing racial injustice.

Keynote Speaker/Lecturer

Presents lectures on a wide range of subjects, including: the relationship between the arts, popular culture and Christian expressions; how biblical teachings can enrich our relationship with God and one another; how the Bible informs our practice of spiritual disciplines; ethnic identity, gender, culture, and Christian expression; and self-care and spiritual formation.